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Whether you were a cast or crew member in a JayRob play produced during its 17-season (1956-1973) run, a former patron of JayRob, or a descendant of one of the above, or simply have an interest in the history of this landmark Sacramento theatre venture, and want to view and/or participate in writing blogs, we welcome your involvement as we attempt to re-create the history of JayRob on this site and provide material for the eventual publication of the complete history of JayRob.

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Here’s the preface of what will be an informative and entertaining publication:


Preface from:


An Historical Review of its Seventeen Seasons

By Dick Baldwin

The most successful little theatre group in the history of Sacramento: that was JayRob Productions, and this is the story of its seventeen seasons. Its genesis is a college term paper I wrote in 1961 for a drama class at Sacramento State College (now known as CSU, Sacramento). The paper, lost for many years, was recently discovered in my home. I’ve rewritten it with input from Phil Bettens, the group’s stage manager and close friend of the Wyman family, and from Diana (Lions) Wyman, the widow of JayRob’s director and co-founder, Robert Wyman.

During its seventeen season run, the finest actors in Sacramento appeared on its stage. Sadly, many of these have passed on – most recently among them two with whom I had maintained a relationship over the years: Jean Runyon and John Scordakis. With the first-person sources disappearing, I realized that I needed to act if I was to produce a complete history.

I hope that Phil, Diana and I can build upon this story of JayRob’s first years to complete a comprehensive history including list of productions, cast and crew and photos. My thanks to Phil, Diana, and others who helped fill in the gaps and add detail to this manuscript. If you appeared in or have information about JayRob, please contact me at DRichardBaldwin@gmail.com or add a comment to any of the articles which exist on this site.