If JayRob has had a major (or minor) impact on your life, and you’d like to be memorialized in the upcoming publication of “The JayRob Theatre of Sacramento,” now is the time to put your words on paper (or in an Email attachment). Any material submitted by you (and others) will be posted on this website and reviewed for possible inclusion in the book.

While Memoirs and Biographies are the most obvious topics for you to send, it’s unlikely that you’ll be able to write your own obituary (posthumously). If, however, you have access to the obituary of any other JayRob participant, you can submit that, as well.

To submit your material, you can post it to this site, or send it via Email in a word document to:


You can also mail the submission to:

Dick Baldwin

2924 Highland Avenue

Sacramento, CA 95818

The material will be reviewed, and placed in the appropriate section of this website.