Most of us see actors in various roles on stage. We remember them as the characters they portray. If that was the only remembrance we had of an actor, it would be short-sighted. John Scordakis played many roles during his heyday as an actor with the JayRob Theatre. Among those that I remember most, was Thomas Jefferson trying to convince Benjamin Franklin (Bob Wyman) to sign the Declaration of Independence in Stan Freberg’s, “The United States of America – The Early Years.”

I knew John in other venues, as well. As a disc jockey, he invited me up to the highest radio studio in Sacramento as he performed one of his Jazz shows. He was a very giving friend. John’s life spanned nine decades (July 16, 1928 – September 24, 2009).

His family remembers him in different roles, as well, and has put together a slide show of his family life. It demonstrates clearly that although John was a gifted actor, he was also a gifted comic both on and off-stage, and a gifted family man.

You’ll find the slide show at: Enjoy!