Norman and Me at CRC

Though this post may not relate directly to JayRob history, it relates to the impact of my JayRob experience. My work in theatre at Sacramento High School, Sacramento State College and at JayRob influenced my decision to go into teaching, first at Kennedy High School, then Fresno City College, and finally at Cosumnes River College, where I taught all of the radio courses offered at that institution.

My signature accomplishment at CRC, however, was when I began to re-create, on stage, twelve radio productions of the early works of radio icon, Norman Corwin. I had met Norman via a phone hookup from Missouri to his home in Hollywood as I participated in the Midwest Radio Theatre Workshop.

I followed up that call with a meeting in Norman’s home, where he gave me his personal permission to recreate all of his shows, without paying royalties.

Among the twelve productions I directed was his only musical, ‘Radio Primer.’ My students were the only group to even attempt that production in nearly 60 years since its original airing, prompting Norman to venture north to the CRC Campus in Sacramento, where I interviewed him for two hours in front of an audience of staff and students, and where he attended one of the performances of ‘Radio Primer.’

Norman was “the poet laureate” of radio, influencing virtually every big name in the entertainment and news industries.