First Five Seasons

Nearly 150 persons (and/or animals) had their hands in JayRob productions in one way or another, during the first five seasons. If you know any of them, let them know about this site, and post a reply to this page. If you know that they are no longer living, please post that information in a reply, as well. Include any information regarding death date and obituary that you have available. Those listed in Bold and Italic have already been invited to contribute. Those listed with an asterisk (*) following their names are confirmed deceased.

The participants during the first five seasons include:

Akert, Pam

Anderson, Betty

Andrews, Bill

Argante, Tod

Baker, Mauvra *

Baldwin, Dave

Baldwin, Dick

Baldwin, Mary

Bales, Norman *

Ball, Jeanie

Behrens, Leilani *

Bettens, Phil

Blodgett, Fritz

Blomberg, Joanne

Bonetti, Jr., Fred *

Borba, Ardath

Borba, Dean

Bradt, Victor

Bryant, Jane

Campbell, Mal

Carey, Carol

Carey, Clara

Carlson, Edith

Carver, Jean

Carver, Joanne

Cary, Bud

Ching (Pyewacket)

Clark, Joyce

Cole, Don

Comottor, Geno *

Conger, Robert

Conner, Adelaide

Cooke, Caroline

Coontz, Ray

Cooper, Bonnie

Cran, Jeff

Curry, Jerry

Davis, J. Franklin

Deardorff, Jemima

Delmar, Frank

Demas, Harry

Deppe, Gordon

Derania, Dorothy

Derania, Robert

Doherty, Robert

Durkee, Jr., Frank

Edwards, Nancy

Farinha, Emily

Farinha, Shirley

Finch, Jack

Fischell, Rhoda

Fischell, Robert F

Fishback, Eileen

Flanery, Alliene *

Fritschie, Paul

Fritschie, Sherrill

Furnell, Bill

Gish, Eddie

Goritsan, Sophia

Graham, Bert

Grant, Alex

Gugliemetti, Michael

Harper, Stan

Hertsens, Mark *

Hiatt, David

Hills, Don

Hinman, Linda

Hovious, Warren

Hughes, Merle

Hunter, David

Ickes, John *

Jones, Karlene

Jumper, Bob

Kemper, Scott

Kent, Dottie

Kniffen, Bill

Kopf, Chris

Kopf, Jean

Lagomarsino, William

Lapp, Robert

Larson, Victor

LeNoir, Jr., Bill

Liles, Clint

Lions, Diana

Longfield, Bob

Manuian, Angela

Marria, Jr., Phil

Martin, Harry *

Martin, Ruth

Mertz, Patty

Meuser, Vern

Miles, Ogden *

Montgomery, Monte

Murphy, Rick

Noonan, Dorothy

Oakland, Annie

Obrien, Karen

Palogi, Daryll

Pamela (T.S. Eliot, the dog)

Paque (Paquay), Gary

Perea, Carol *

Peters, Dalma

Rader, William

Ragan Bales, Donna

Ramsey, Warren

Rivas, Joe

Robinson, Eddie

Rosqui, Carolyn

Rosqui, Mary Ann

Roundtree, Norman

Runyon, Jean *

Runyon, Mercer *

Ryan, Ric

Saldine, J. R

Scordakis, John *

Sharee, Sondra

Sharp, Dolores

Sibley, Bill

Sibley, Marian

Simonsen, Jill

Skram, Jack

Smith, April

Speight, Robert

Spelvin, George

Steinmann, Doree

Sullivan, Millie

Sweetman, Ed

Tsuruda, Audrey

Wahl, Jim *

Warren, Harry

Warren, Phyllis Perry

Wensman, Gloria

Wetterau, Jeanne

Wilde, Tom

Wiley, Caroline

Winston, Tom

Wyman, Alice *

Wyman, Diana Lions

Wyman, Justus *

Wyman, Robert *

Yocum, Carl

Yocum, Del

* =  confirmed deceased

Bold, Italic = Already invited