The photos below were taken from the JayRob Theatre season two scrapbook in the possession of Diana (Lions) Wyman.


 The original cast of “Anniversary Walts” includes, standing, from left to right, David Hunter, Diana Lions, Bert Graham, Jeanne Carver, Alliene Flanery, Mal Campbell and, seated, Mercer Runyon, Jean Runyon, Linda Hinman and Dave Baldwin. Not pictured are George Spelvin (AKA Bob Wyman) and Phil Bettens (also the play’s stage manager).

When the play was extended, three actors had to drop out. Taking their places were Edith Carlson for Alliene Flanery, Carolyn Rosqui for Linda Hinman and Tod Argante for David Hunter. Dick Baldwin was a one-performance substitute for his brother, Dave Baldwin, who had hurt himself in a gymnastic accident. The replacement actors are not pictured. Click on the photo for a closer view.






The photos above are for the second production of JayRob’s second season, “Will Success Spoil Rock Hunter?” In the left photo, Jean Ball, as a Hollywood star in the capable hands of her masseur, Ray Coontz, is leery over the agreement being worked out between Eddie Gish, a fan magazine writer, and Jean Ball’s producer, Victor Larson.

In the second photo, Jean talks long-distance with her boy friend, as Masseur Ray Coontz, continues his pleasant duty massageing Miss Balls torso. Click on each of the photos for a closer view.